Will the “Trump Trains” 3rd attempted coup be successful?

Twice before, oligarchs have attempted to overthrow the government of the United States. This time they might succeed.

Thom Hartmann
5 min readJan 12, 2021
Photo by tom coe on Unsplash

It’s all one thing, an effort to overthrow the elected government of the United States, and the oligarchs and fascists aren’t done yet. They want complete control of America.

When Donald Trump first ran for president, it was a stunt to squeeze more money out of NBC and to polish his brand.

But when he was unexpectedly elected, he took cues from the corrupt oligarchs he admired around the world and began a serious project to remake and remold America in their image.

The first country he visited as president, in fact, was the oligarchy of Saudi Arabia, which he effusively praised.

When he proclaimed after his election that there were 3,000,000 “illegal votes” for Hillary Clinton, he was setting up today’s oligarchic takeover attempt by denigrating the American electoral system. He knew from the example of what oligarchs elsewhere in the world had successfully done that if he could convince enough Americans that our election system was “rigged,” he could ignore elections in the future.



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