The Real Reason the GOP Supports a Lying, Corrupt, Narcissistic, Failed Real Estate Hustler and Reality TV Star

The Senate Trial: Will support for an unrepentant traitor be the final straw?

Thom Hartmann


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In the last half of the 1700s and early half of the 1800s, American conservatives promoted and clung to slavery; they even fought a Civil War to preserve it.

Throughout the second half of the 1800s and into the first half of the 20th century, American conservatives fought to keep racial segregation and to stop the rise of labor unions, all on behalf of the “billionaires” of their era, popularly called the Robber Barons.

From the 1960s to today, American conservatives have fought to let modern billionaires and big corporations run our economy and our political system, further cementing their power over America‘s working class.

“Lower taxes and deregulation,” racially specific “law and order,” and “small government” were their singular mantras, all in service of the uber-rich and giant, monopolistic corporations.

Now, with Trump’s impeachment trial, Americas conservatives have turned their efforts from protecting their rich patrons to protecting the dynasty of a lying, corrupt, narcissistic, failed real estate hustler and reality TV star.

Some suggest that the GOP “has lost their soul,” but conservatives in America, having called themselves by various political names over the years, never really had a soul.

They promoted slavery because they believed in white supremacy and free labor to help elite whites become wealthy oligarchs.

They fought labor unions and corporate taxes because gutting both would help elite whites remain wealthy oligarchs.

And today they are fighting like their lives depend on it to defend the right of a criminal billionaire oligarch to tear America apart and try, again, to turn us over to fascist strongman rule.

Ultimately, none of these conservative positions through the history of our country have served average people in anyway whatsoever; instead, from the beginning, conservatives have exclusively served great wealth and helped it to achieve and hold political…



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