None Dare Call It Treason & Murder

Americans “have got to know” if our last president conspired to commit treason and murder to end American democracy

Thom Hartmann
5 min readMar 4, 2021


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Did Donald Trump and some of the people around him conspire to have others murder the Vice President and Speaker of the House in order to hold power and conceal his crimes for another four years?

Time and evidence will eventually prove or disapprove that question, but the evidence before us right now is pretty grim.

About a week after Donald Trump lost the 2020 election, he fired his Secretary of Defense and replaced him with a reliable toady, Christopher Miller. He also replaced several other senior civilian officials at the Pentagon around the same time, including one who was a “protege” of Mike Flynn.

We learned from yesterday‘s testimony by Major General William Walker, the Commander of the Washington DC National Guard, that not only had he been prepared and ready to protect the Capitol on January 6, but that he was specifically ordered not to by that same recently-installedActing Defense Secretary Miller.

The Capitol was under siege the afternoon of January 6th, and there was a very real possibility that Trump’s militia followers would succeed in assassinating Vice President Pence and Speaker Pelosi and hijacking the ballots for the Electoral College. They’d even erected a gallows outside the Capitol.

And in the process, five people died, including a police officer. Typically, when people die in the commission of a crime, everybody participating in the crime is also charged with murder. Even getaway drivers who were otherwise uninvolved in a crime are typically charged with felony murder when somebody dies during the commission of that crime.

As this massive and deadly crime was being committed, General Walker and others repeatedly reached up through the chain of command to the Secretary of the Army and to Secretary of Defense Miller to beg for the DC National Guard to come protect the Capitol.

While Donald Trump gleefully watched the chaos from the White House on television, Kevin McCarthy, who just a month earlier was Speaker of the House and on January 6th led the House’s Republicans, called…



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