Famous Medical Journal Calls Out the GOP Death Cult

While the world is shocked, Americans are not — here’s why…

Thom Hartmann
8 min readFeb 12, 2021


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The Lancet is arguably the most respected medical journal in the world. Founded in 1823, its reputation is impeccable and it only publishes science that’s peer-reviewed and scientifically sound. Which is why their indictment of the last four years of Republican rule under Trump, McConnell, and McCarthy is particularly shocking.

“Trump exploited low and middle-income white people’s anger over their deteriorating life prospects,” the Lancet’s Commission on Public Policy and Health in the Trump Era wrote, “to mobilize racial animus and xenophobia and enlist their support for policies that benefit high-income people and corporations and threaten health.”

Published on February 10th, this British commission’s shocking report lays out for the world’s public health community exactly how monstrous, cruel and depraved Trump and his GOP cronies were in the face of a worldwide public health crisis. They actually called out GOP fealty to the corporate elite and billionaire class.

“His signature legislative achievement,” the Lancet commission wrote, “a trillion-dollar tax cut for corporations and high-income individuals, opened a budget hole that he used to justify cutting food subsidies and health care.”

We shouldn’t be surprised that the world’s top medical journal is pointing out how disastrous Trump’s presidency was for the American people. It’s simply the logical extension of conservative policies on pretty much everything for the past 90 years.

Republicans simply don’t believe it’s part of the job of government to provide for the “general welfare” of the American people; instead, government — in their minds — should only run the police and the military, while maintaining a stable currency and court system so business can function.

Republicans, for example, don’t believe government should help the elderly avoid poverty. A safe retirement should only go to those who set aside money during their working years, they say, and Social Security should be run by private insurance companies, as President George W. Bush told us in 2005. Republicans have tried to cripple, privatize or destroy Social…



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