The right to vote is more important then owning property or guns

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Greg Abbot thinks he can get away with murder because Trump did — At least so far…

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More & more Americans are figuring out their feigned-outrage 4o-year scam

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Cranking up the culture wars won’t stop the destruction of our democracy…but it might win elections

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Americans “have got to know” if our last president conspired to commit treason and murder to end American democracy

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At this critical moment there is something you can do

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History shows that unions are the most powerful way to build a healthy and vibrant middle-class

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If Biden & Harris don’t act now, the window will close

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The terrorism we feared after 9/11 has now come to America but it came from within — it’s time to crush it

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Thom Hartmann

America’s #1 progressive talk show host & NY Times bestselling author. Thom’s writings now appear at

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