The right to vote is more important then owning property or guns

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This week, Georgia passed the most restrictive voter suppression legislation since Jim Crow. In actuality, the Georgia legislature proves that Jim Crow never completely ended. It’s alive and well today, in part, and its principal proponent is the GOP.

The two bills end automatic voter registration, ban drop boxes for…

Greg Abbot thinks he can get away with murder because Trump did — At least so far…

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Normally when over a half-million people die from something entirely preventable somebody is held accountable. So far, that hasn’t happened in the United States.

In Taiwan, population 24 million, 10 people have died of Covid in the 14 months since the beginning of the pandemic. Ten.

In Vietnam, population 97…

More & more Americans are figuring out their feigned-outrage 4o-year scam

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Now that “conservative ideas” have been so badly discredited, Republicans are resorting back to Big Lie and faux outrage techniques to try to hold their base together.

Back in 1981, when Republican strategist Lee Atwater was advising Reagan, he pointed out that using the N-word post-1965 was counterproductive.

But, he…

Cranking up the culture wars won’t stop the destruction of our democracy…but it might win elections

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So, while the Senate was debating Joe Manchin’s proposal to cut back unemployment benefits to Americans whacked by the coronavirus, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was reading Dr. Seuss out loud.

And he chose to read “Green Eggs and Ham,” an uncontroversial Seuss classic, instead of the six Seuss books…

Americans “have got to know” if our last president conspired to commit treason and murder to end American democracy

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Did Donald Trump and some of the people around him conspire to have others murder the Vice President and Speaker of the House in order to hold power and conceal his crimes for another four years?

Time and evidence will eventually prove or disapprove that question, but the evidence before…

History shows that unions are the most powerful way to build a healthy and vibrant middle-class

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Joe Biden just took a remarkable step toward restoring the American middle class: he openly defended the right of workers in Alabama to unionize their Amazon facility.

“Today and over the next few days and weeks, workers in Alabama, and all across America, are voting on whether to organize a…

If Biden & Harris don’t act now, the window will close

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It looks like President Joe Biden is going to cave on the $15 an hour minimum wage. And it looks like Chuck Schumer is going to cave on ending the filibuster.

While these are disappointing failures to progressives because of the harm they’ll do to working people, they’re also extraordinarily…

The terrorism we feared after 9/11 has now come to America but it came from within — it’s time to crush it

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It’s time for American media to tell the truth about what’s happening in the GOP: As the Republican Party continues to embrace Donald Trump and his white supremacist fascist ideology, that party is making the transition into a full-blown domestic-terror-supporting organization.

No American political party should ever condone terrorists within…

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